Disaster helmet

SCALEMET は折り畳み、携帯が可能な子供用の災害ヘルメットです。現在普及している小学生用の折り畳みのヘルメットはコンパクトにはなりますが、携帯が難しく、登下校中に地震が起きても、頭を守ることは出来ません。動物の鱗の構造を利用することで、SCALEMET は従来の災害用ヘルメットよりもコンパクトで携帯することが出来ます。

SCALEMET is a foldable disaster helmet for children. Most disaster helmets for children are far too big and bulky to carry. If a big earthquake happened while children were at school or, even worse, on their way to school, they would not be able to protect their heads. Thanks to the structure of reptile scales, SCALEMET is much smaller than standard disaster helmets. School children can easily carry SCALEMET when they go to school.